man maid [sic]
I am tamer now. Some might bestow a tag of domesticated, as it were. Out and in, I see you now.

Well, then, have you found it yet?

I think I've got something for you.

If today I went to see a prophet,
She would tell me,
"Your soul is broken."
Gently caressing her grey crystal ball,
Her 110-proof breath cutting into my eyes.
But is it beyond repair?
I would ask.
"Your soul is hurting. I hovers above you,
displaced from burned taste buds."
Feeling my tongue, it is unusually smooth.
But is it beyond repair?
"You need not tools
and it cannot be replaced.
Pain has no safe hiding place.
The oasis for hurt is overbooked."
Today, if I went to see a prophet
She would understand.

"Hear [sic] and their [sic]" is the 13th chapter in the book Good Reception.

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